The Author
The Book

Entering junior school at age six, Ian's inability to read and write was quickly obvious. Yet, with his dyslexic brain computer - Ian's "Windows 36" - he graduated from Cambridge University Medical School in 1955 - still unable to read!

The author did not discover penicillin, but surmounting monumental dyslexia was his "Everest!" He was 41 when he first learned to read. Filled with warm and humorous anecdotes, Ian shares his life stories with candor and humanism. This is his life, with it's full "life of life" spectrum -Adulterous heartbreak to Zulu murder witnessed.

Ian Whyte was a family practitioner in Montreal, Canada for twenty years, and in Phoenix, Arizona for 15 years. He retired at age 62 with a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

This book is a treasure. Read it! You will find yourself smiling, bursting with laughter, and even raising an eyebrow or two at some of Ian's saucy tales!